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Spread your wings
and fly...

Every butterfly is beautiful and unique, just like you.  


And as a unique individual, you deserve a personally tailored approach to inspire you to remember and get back to the beautiful woman you are, inside and out.


And this all starts with a visit to the beautiful and natural surroundings of The Old Farmhouse, where we will explore your deepest needs and desires. Through my signature programmes, I will hold space and walk alongside you as you learn to set healthy boundaries, practise meaningful self-care, ditch the guilt and master your inner thoughts, allowing you to take back control of your life so that you can truly spread your wings and fly and BE YOU!.

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Through years of training and experience with some amazing clients, I have blended my skills in coaching, hypnotherapy, reiki and meditation into my own unique and simple brand of support. Together, we will agree on the perfect blend of these services for your individual needs and make a plan over a time period that suits you and your lifestyle. 

I strongly believe that you inherently know the answers to every question or challenge you are experiencing, even if they may be hidden deep inside you or obscured from view.

We will work closely together to assess what areas of your life needs the most attention in terms of change or improvement, breaking it down into manageable-size chunks that are achievable for you. We will work at a pace that you choose, although I may encourage you to move a little faster if I feel it will benefit you. I will offer you honest and open feedback and celebrate with you, those moments of inspiration, revelation and recognition when you realise what you are capable of achieving.

Just like a butterfly, whose lifespan can be perceived very short, you will learn to thrive and not just survive, living each day as if it is your last.

I bring an individualised and wholehearted approach to everything I do, and will guide you to reconnect with your head and heart in a way that allows you to fulfil your dreams and live a balanced, wholehearted and happy life.


There may be tears and laughter along the way but I promise, it will be so worth it!


If this resonates with you, your first step is to arrange your “Become Phenomenal Check In” so that we can chat about YOUR needs and desires and where YOU would like to flourish.

Contact me for your Become Phenomenal Check-In

Lets explore how I can help you...

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