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Find Your Fierce!

Guiding tween and teenage girls to “find their fierce”,

whether that’s a gentle purr or a powerful roar!

Children today, especially teenagers, are under so much pressure to perform well both in and outside of school.

I am on a mission, through my Find Your Fierce programme, to show every shy, quiet or introverted teenage girl that she has the power to have unwavering belief in herself.


Because I was one of these girls; I felt unseen, unheard and unappreciated. And feel upset that things haven’t changed dramatically for those girls, who also feel unseen, unheard, overshadowed and misunderstood.


Using a variety of tools and techniques, I can support your child to become more confident, help them to build their self esteem and increase their resilience so that they are able to deal with both school and life's pressures.

So if you know a lovely girl who may be struggling with anxiety, confidence or their self esteem or maybe they're just not being themselves and hiding away - I can help!



Poppy, our Chairdog of the Board, loves giving cuddles and providing a little bit of comfort to all young people who come to The Old Farmhouse, especially if they are feeling a bit anxious or overwhelmed. 

Don't worry if you are not a pet lover, Poppy is quite happy to sit in the main house as long as she gets extra treatos! Although, you may be able to hear her howling in my bedroom, on occasion!

One to one and group sessions are available either within the school environment or in the privacy of a comfortable, relaxing and confidential space at The Old Farmhouse.


Contact me now to find out what support is available for your child or your school.

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Contact me for a free Find Your Fierce Check-In

Lets explore how I can help your beautiful girl...

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