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The Transcendence

X-Hail Meditation for the Perimenopause


Uniquely designed as time just for you to understand what is happening to your body, mind and soul during the perimenopausal transition and learn how you can navigate to feeling confident and more like yourself again, in only 4 weeks.

All done in a local venue (TBC), where you will be welcomed into an intimate, comfortable and relaxing space.

And in person so you experience the energy of being in a room with a group of likeminded women, with an experienced award winning wellbeing coach who will hold space for you to rediscover yourself, in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Would you like to:

💜  view the perimenopause as a new beginning that can be lived richly, productively, fully?

💜  understand what is happening to your mind, body and soul through the perimenopause?

💜  learn ways to help you prepare, cope, and thrive to reach your full potential in mid-life and beyond?

To really understand what’s going on with your mind, body and soul; giving you the exact step by step formula that you need to get proactive and back in control.

Welcome to The Transcendence: X-Hail for the Perimenopause

You will be guided, supported and space held for you.

Along with a small group of other perimenopausal women, who will be like minded, to understand what is happening to your body, mind and soul during this transitional period.

And the most gorgeous X-Hail meditation specifically for Perimenopausal Women.

A four-week programme of coaching, over four 2.5-hour sessions, we will:

💜 focus on the spiritual, emotional and physical changes you may be experiencing

💜 learn how to use breathwork, gentle movement and heart coherence to soothe and heal your mind, body and soul

💜 share our experiences of the perimenopause in a safe space, supporting and guiding each other through our transformation.

So that you can see the perimenopause as time of renewal and regeneration, understanding the shifts and changes happening to your mind body and soul and feel prepared and in control of this changing phase of life, so that it can be an easier and more postive ride. 

Here is what you will receive:

  • A Welcome Goodie Bag (worth £50) from Wellbeing At The Old Farmhouse

  • 4 sessions of coaching and teaching, followed by an hour-long X-Hail Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing - a mini retreat each week!

  • Weekly focus on a different aspect of the perimenopause – Mind, Body & Soul

  • A Transcendence workbook & pen to use for note taking & journaling during the sessions and at home.

  • A silk facemask to use during your meditations, if you wish.

  • A Hot drink as you arrive.

  • And most powerful of all, sisterhood, connection and shared humanity - a group of women who FINALLY understand how difficult it is to live with the symptoms of perimenopause and who are committed to taking action instead of just drowning in the depths of it.

So what to expect...

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

When you enrol in the 4 Week The Transcendence Programme you will get a welcome email from me with more details.

The programme runs every four weeks with the length of each session is 2.5 hours, with the group no bigger than 5 women.


Venue and dates for next course to be confirmed so why not join my waitlist to be the first to know when the next course starts!

The agenda for each session will include a Welcome and a (hot) Drink, Teaching session, Experience sharing and Q&A, Comfort break, Meditation for Relaxation and Goodbye.


Each week you will hear about a different aspect of the perimenopause and learn tools and techniques to help you tackle some of the symptoms.

There will be opportunities to talk, share, ask questions, learn, breathe, move, relax and restore!

In just 4 weeks, you will be aware of and understand the shifts and changes happening to your mind, body and soul through the perimenopause; learn ways to help you prepare, cope, and thrive so that you can experience the perimenopause as a time of renewal and regeneration; a new beginning that can be lived richly, productively, fully.

I am so excited to run this programme for the first time!  It is based on the X-HAIL Meditation Method which brings together new and ancient techniques, to create a space to learn and practice meditation that is supportive, inspiring and most of all enjoyable. Our meditation classes combine Chi Gung and Yoga inspired mindful movement; breathwork; self-led and guided meditation; and modern music to provide a ‘Quadruple Threat Approach’ for easy, intuitive and deeper meditation.


The programme has been uniquely designed and put together by X-Hail Ltd and if you are willing to learn these powerful and natural tools to deal with symptoms of the perimenopause, you will want to take part!


The programme is available to you for just £197, or £50 per week if you choose the payment plan (4x payments). And we have a special VIP option - add 2 private coaching sessions (normally £90 each) you can do so for a total of only £297.

You also receive a goodie bag worth £50! 

Join my waitlist now to be the first to find out when my next programme is running - enter your email address below!!


Whichever option you choose, you KNOW you're doing the right thing for your body, mind and soul as you enter and go through the perimenopause.

I cannot wait to work with you!

Helena x

Pay in Full

 Pay £197 to secure your place

Payment Plan

Pay 4 x £50 instalments to book your place.

VIP Upgrade

Pay £297 for the VIP upgrade (Value £500)

  • Do I need to be diagnosed wth Perimenopause in order to take part?

No, not really, although knowing you are in the perimenopause helps so that you get the most benefit. If you're not sure, here are some of the common symptoms of perimenopause: changes in your menstrual cycle, hot flushes and night sweats, headaches, dizziness, vaginal dryness, incontinence and bladder problems, weight gain, joint and muscle pain, difficulty sleeping, feeling depressed, anxiety, experiencing mood swings, problems with memory and concentration e.g “brain fog” & a loss of interest in sex. If you're not sure, please feel free to contact me for a chat!

  • Do I need to be on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

No, as we know that is not suitable for everyone.​ I can provide some advice on HRT and guide/signpost you to useful resources of inforation and support around suitable product or questions to ask your GP. 

  • Do I need to speak to my GP before I join the programme?

Meditation is generally considered a safe practice, but it is vital that you inform me of any medical conditions or medication which might affect your session. All information is treated sensitively and in confidence. Medical conditions that may affect participation in class: Physical Injury including but not limited to: Head/Neck/Shoulder/Back/Knee/Spinal Injury; High/Low Blood Pressure; Seizures/Epilepsy; Asthma/Breathing Conditions; Mental Health Conditions including but not limited to: PTSD/Bi-Polar/Depression; Suicidal Feelings; Sensitivity to smell/essential oils.

Please take advice from a medical professional before participating in class if you have any of the conditions listed above.

Please note that certain medications may present a contraindication regarding the use of essential oils in class. Please notify me prior to starting class if you are on any medications so that I can check sensitivity and adjust the essential oils used as appropriate.

It is your responsibility to keep me up to date with any conditions you may have and advise me of any new conditions or complications.

  • Do I need to know how to meditate?

No, we will teach you how to meditate using teh X-Hail Meditation Method, which uses gentle movement; breathwork; self-led and guided meditation all to a background of modern music. 

  • Do I need to be fit and flexible to do these sessions?

No, not really. You need to be able to get up and down from a meditation mat but you will not need to be able to bend yourself like a pretzel! Most of the sessions are seated on the mat or lying down during the meditation section. There is some gentle movement which you are encouraged to do but if it causes any pain and discomfort, you can simply sit/lie and just breathe.​

  • Do I have to sit crossed legged or lotus position during meditation?

Definitely not, unless you want to! We encourage all participants to sit or lie in a position that is comfortable for them. If you are comfortable, then you will find it much easier to relax.​ Tension in the body leads to tension in the mind making meditation appear much more difficult. Sitting comfortably with the back supported is the ideal way to begin your meditation practice so you could sit in a high backed chair, lean against a wall, slouch on the couch - whatever works for YOU! Yes, there are spiritual benefits of a more traditional pose but it is much more important for those starting out to focus on not what meditation looks like but what it feels like. Sitting comfortably frees the mind to fall effortlessly into a settled state.

  • Do I need to sit still or in complete silence?

​Asking anyone who currently has a unregulated nervous system due to chronic stress or trauma to sit still and quiet in a quiet room and actually enjoy it is just unfair. When the nervous system isn’t regulated we might be in fight or flight for example, which is a state that tells our entire being to mobilise, so asking ourselves or being told to be still could feel triggering, uncomfortable and extremely difficult leading, instead of relaxation to feelings of irritation, anxiousness and failure. We fill our sessions with rhythmic, repetitive movement sequences and easy, uncomplicated but tangible active breathwork to calm the nervous system first before we ask you to be still or scan your body or just be with your breath. We also provide a backdrop of modern music to provide a sense of familiarity because really who’s used to silence? Anything we’re not used to we have to build capacity to tolerate. Yes we do include moments of silence and stillness that increase in length over sessions but it doesn’t make sense to us that we expect you to do that straight away. 

  • Do I need to be able to switch my mind off? 

Please do not worry about not being able to switch your mind off duringyour meditation session. Part of your mindset reset involves recognising how busy your mind is, sitting with that space and doing what you can to calm it. As part of the session, you are taught techniques that help you relax the body and insodoing, calm the mind and soothe the soul. ​

  • How does X-Hail meditation differ from a yoga or mindfulness class?

X-Hail is nervous system regulation set to Ibiza chill out tunes or soul-empowering chart classics! With X-Hail the music is part of the medicine! It’s slow and steady but not still and silent so it’s great and SAFE for those with ADHD or even some of those processing "small-t" trauma. It’s as much of a spiritual experience as you want and allow it to be. There’s no dogma or doctrine but space to expand and connect to your guides, angels and ancestors and develop your intuitive gifts if you wish. If not space it’s for you to simply relax.  It’s a multi-modality approach blending mindfulness; gentle rhythmic and repetitive usually seated, movement sequences; safe and gentle breathwork suitable for all; meditation techniques that even the most busy mind can engage with and actually enjoy!  It’s a journey through from alpha to beta to theta brainwaves with no effort but all the benefits including a sense of calm, contentment, inner strength and confidence, creativity, and connection to others, your soul and your spirit team!  It’s healing for mind AND the body - when we help retrain the nervous system we help boost our digestion, our immunity, and balance our hormone and blood sugar levels, plus we also heal the damage caused to the heart and brain function by stress! 

If you have any other questions, queries or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message via text or email and I will be happy to help. 

Enter your email to get onto our waiting list!

Thank you!

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