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Become Phenomenal

Showing you how to fix your own crown without letting

the world know its crooked!



Every day I see (and work with) amazing women who hold themselves back from who they truly are. Keeping themselves small and hidden and feeling guilty for even contemplating doing something for themselves that brings joy or passion or peace! And it makes me feel so sad; so unbelievably frustrated and takes me back to when I was stuck in a life that made me feel miserable and lost.


All I want to do is show these amazing women the phenomenal woman smiling back at them in the mirror. Because when they truly see what I see, it gives me happy tears!

Being a phenomenal woman is something to be celebrated and not hidden away.

I want every single phenomenal woman to have a life free from the shackles of guilt and fear. A life where they can be and share their true, authentic selves with the people they love and create a world where women are celebrated and revered, not squashed and ignored.

Because every single one of you deserves to feel your best, every single one of you deserves to feel phenomenal, every single one of you deserves to feel worthy.


So how do I "become phenomenal" I hear you ask?

Let me tell you a secret....



But I totally understand that the "phenomenal you" maybe hidden under layers of other peoples expectations & priorities, family responsibilities, never ending guilt and probably a whole host of limiting beliefs. 

Through my signature programme, Become Phenomenal, we will work one to one, here at The Old Farmhouse to create a programme of growth and support that is as individual as you are; lifting those layers and uncovering the real, phenomenal you underneath.


Through this programme, together, we will work through the following stages of growth:

Nurture & Nourish - understand who you truly are, learn how to nourish yourself and develop consistent self care practices to ensure you remain a priority and can fill everyone else’s cup.

Surrender & Shift - let go of whats holding you back, set and reset boundaries and move gracefully through these changes, releasing blockages with kindness and self-compassion. 

Reclaim & Recreate - decide what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind; make new plans and put them into action, at your own pace.


BP Programme Infographic - Final 2.png


Whenever you are READY!


 So are you ready??

Are you ready to make a change?

A question I ask all of my clients during their
 Become Phenomenal Check In!

And it’s a tricky question…


Yes?     No?     Maybe?     Possibly?     Not sure??

And do you know what, I totally get that!

Sometimes, you are just not ready to invest time, energy, emotion and money in yourself to level up…

… to the life that you have dreamed of
… to let go of the things that hold you back
… to allow yourself to feel some temporary discomfort as you grow..

And that’s ok!!

For ALL my clients, I work with you at a pace that is right for YOU!!


So even if you have had your Become Phenomenal Check In, we don’t have to start straight away!


Never feel that you are obligated to work with me immediately!

And sometimes, YOU ARE READY!!

And together, we will create your individualised programme of growth and support to allow you to truly "become phenomenal".

As you set healthy boundaries, practise meaningful self-care, ditch the guilt and master your inner thoughts, allowing you to take back control of your life so that you can truly spread your wings and fly and BE YOU!.

So why not book your FREE no-obligation Become Phenomenal Check In at The Old Farmhouse booked now and we can make some plans for when YOU ARE READY!

Contact me for your Become Phenomenal Check-In

Lets explore how I can help you...

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