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The Old Farmhouse

Hi, I'm Helena


As an empath and highly sensitive woman myself, with a slice of introversion on the side, being an emotional sponge to the worlds joys and stresses can take its toll on your wellbeing. Experiencing the amazing highs and the devastating lows of life from all sides is both a blessing and a curse.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if life could be navigated with total acceptance and complete appreciation of the gift of being a highly sensitive and empathic woman?


With a 25 year background in healthcare and over 10 years’ experience in coaching and complimentary therapies, I inspire empathic, introverted & highly sensitive women, who are struggling with the overwhelm and anxiety that their gift brings, to blossom into the beautiful women that they are.

Maybe you're not an empath, introverted or highly sensitive, but struggling through the perimenopause?


For too long, the impact of the perimenopause and menopause has been ignored and belittled. Now is the time for us to take back and stand in our power. I will champion and support you to thrive through the perimenopause and beyond. 


In in the beautiful and natural surroundings of The Old Farmhouse, using proven tools and techniques, you can learn to set healthy boundaries, practise meaningful self-care and master your inner thoughts allowing you to take back control of your life.


Being a woman, especially an introverted, highly sensitive and empathic woman, is something to be celebrated and not hidden away.


The women's revolution is coming. So while the rest of the world is in chaos, let's sneak in through the back door and allow ourselves to celebrate our true worth! 


It's time to set yourself free.

Love & Light,

Helena x

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