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For the last 18 months, I have been working on my own meditation practise as well as learning how to teach this amazing technique to others. 

Meditation has become part of my daily life and I really notice a negative impact on my mindset when I don't meditate regularly.  

I am so looking forward to bringing meditation classes, both one to one and group sessions, to The Old Farmhouse. 

What is Meditation?

There are so many methods of meditation so it can be tricky to accurately describe what meditation is. Most people think that meditation is a state of consciousness brought about by the process of the  removal or absence of thought This is simply not true as it is physically impossible to remove all thoughts! Having thoughts is the sign of a perfectly healthy mind!

Meditation is a practice that an lead to an altered state of consciousness, most commonly associated with feelings of relaxation and of deeper connection to the SELF, where we can experience the present moment beyond the way we normally experience it in waking moments. 

In my own language, Meditation is about taking time out away from the hustle and bustle of real life to sit and just "be". It is time away from "doing" to focus inwards, reflect and really feel how my body and mind feels without agenda or expectation, to relax and get back in touch with yourSELF, body, mind and soul.


It’s about dedicated time and space to allow:

  • The body/mind to relinquish the control that the autonomic nervous system has in place most of the time, and let the parasympathetic take over for a while, moving into a rest and digest mode.

  • The brain to shift from the busy and high frequency gamma and beta waves, where our brain is alert, concentrating and functioning to a very high level, down to the lower frequency alpha where we can relax, recharge and allow creativity, or even down to the theta waves, where we are almost in a hypnotic trance or daydreaming state.

  • The release of the feel-good hormones oxytocin, which as the name suggests, makes you feel good about yourself.

  • Your physical body to relax and take time out, allowing any tense muscles to loosen up and feel more comfortable.


Meditation can involve breath work, movement, guided relaxation, with or without music.

Learn how to meditate with me

As a Meditation Instructor, I am unbelievably proud to teach the X-HAIL Meditation Method.

X-Hail aims to make spirituality and well-being practices accessible for all!

X-Hail brings together new and ancient techniques to create a space to learn and practice meditation that is supportive, inspiring and most of all enjoyable.

Our ground breaking approach to meditation combines Chi Gung and Yoga inspired mindful movement and breathwork as a way to prepare the body and mind for self-led and guided meditation. This unique combination is the foundation of the X-HAIL Meditation Method.

Want to learn the X-Hail Meditation Method - click on the "Book my Well-Being Check In" button below and we can get you started!

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